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  • Golden Ground for Pastels

    This is an acrylic preparation for pastels on canvas, paper and other surfaces that creates a toothy surface for the application of soft pastels. 237ml Learn More
  • Tim Fisher Liquifier

    This unique Tim Fisher Liquifier temporarily dissolves soft pastels to create beautiful wash effects. It also allows you to mix and blend the colours to create fascinating effects. 250 ml Learn More
  • CarbOthello Pastel Pencil Sharpener

    Designed specifically for sharpening Stabilo CarbOthello Pastel Pencisl, but works great for any soft lead or charcoal pencils. Learn More
  • Colour Shapers

    Colour Shapers are a revolutionary tool for painting, drawing, lifting and blending. With the soft, silicone rubber composite tip they can be used like a brush to apply oil or acrylic paint straight from the tube and then used to carve back into the paint for a variety of texture and surface effects. The tool easily lifts paint from the surface or draws lines, contours and edges on the colour. Colour Shapers can also be used as a 'replacement finger' to blend, smudge and define soft or oil pastles (the latter when the tip is dipped in solvent). They can also be used to apply and remove masking fluid. Learn More
  • Zest It Pencil Blend - 125ml

    Use with paper stump or brush to blend coloured pencils and oil pastels. Learn More
5 Item(s)
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