Art Workshops 2017

Story Book Illustration - 4 session workshop

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Tutor: Stef Rzysko

This 4-week course is designed for those who want to learn about book illustration or wish to illustrate a book of their own. The course will cover:

Week 1 - Character design – How to develop a main character or characters and how to design a repeatable system for reproducing your characters accurately and easily.

Week 2 - Choosing the look – Creating an environment and a style based on the text.

Week 3 - Story-boarding – Story boards help you look at your book as a whole and will ensure a good flow to your work and to add variety before creating final pages.

Week 4 - A final Piece – Creating a fully rendered image, bringing in all the design aspects of the previous weeks .

* See Stef’s latest book “The Rhino that I Know” on Amazon *

Dates: 7th, 14th & 21st August and 4th September – 10.30 to 1pm each day

Cost: £85 (for all 4 sessions)